For quantitative determination of Calcium in Serum / Plasma or Urine. Serum calcium levels are influenced by changes in protein concentrations.  Increased calcium levels can be present in numerous disease states from dehydration to malignancies, e.g. of lung or kidney. Low levels can also be clinically significant.

Method Colorimetric 
Form LS
Sample Type Serum, Plasma, Urine 
Sample Volume 25 µl
Measuring Range AMP/CPC 0.12-5.50mmol/l (0.5-22mg/dl)
Arsenazo 0.05-4.8mmol/l (0.2-19 mg/dl) 
Storage +2-8°C
Working Stability 28 Days @ +2-8°C



Product Name Number Kit Size
Calcium (L.S) AMP/CPC BXC0291A 1x20ml; 1x4ml
Calcium (Monoliquid) Arsenazo BXC0292A 2x125ml; 1x5ml
Calcium (Monoliquid) Arsenazo BXC0765A R1: 1 x 20ml R2: 1 x 4ml

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